About VIP

Our purpose is to help parents make informed decisions when it comes to vaccinating their children. VIP uses information from sources that can be checked and verified by anyone who is interested in doing so. Our information sources are mainly regulatory assessment reports, manufacturers’ information and studies published in peer-reviewed journals. The vaccination decision itself remains with each parent.

In 2014 we launched an app for Apple and Android phones but Apple censored the app after 6 months due to reasons which they refused to put in writing. Google never censored the app but due to the time it takes to keep apps updated, it was eventually phased out.

In January 2015 we launched our searchable database. This database does not pretend to be balanced but by offering evidence for vaccination-critical statements, it nonetheless balances the information available elsewhere. It is meant to aid freedom of choice by providing parents who decide against vaccinating with the data they need to back up their choice.

Making a Balanced Vaccination Decision was also published in 2015 and updated several times since. It has sold hundreds of copies on Amazon.

VIP is primarily for parents in developed countries. The issue of travel vaccinations has not been considered and the focus is placed on routine childhood vaccinations with much of the data and information being based on the UK.