General Information about Vaccine Safety

When it comes to the safety of vaccines, it has to be remembered that: a) side-effects (also called adverse reactions or adverse events) are normally compared to other vaccines during trial, and rarely to a true placebo b) many studies only consider adverse reaction to be caused by the vaccine if they happen within a few days of the vaccine being given c) long-term safety is rarely studied and difficult to determine d) the long-term and cumulative effect of non-active ingredients such as mercury and aluminium adjuvants is little understood and seldom studied e) whether or not vaccines are contributing to or even causing the epidemic we are seeing of autism is simply not known f) vaccine damage is difficult to determine and adverse events are widely under-reported, with estimates ranging from only 1% – 10% of actual events being reported g) heart-rendering stories of vaccine-damaged children found on the internet show that vaccines are not always safe but do not help assess the likelihood of such damage happening to your child h) parents are advised to use all the information available here and elsewhere in order to make an informed decision….

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