(not currently used in the UK’s Routine Childhood Immunisation Schedule) Manufacturer: Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Generic name: Meningococcal Group C Conjugate Vaccine Meningitec Safety All safety studies were small and short term. Adverse effects were only counted as vaccine-related if they happened 2 – 3 days following injection and only minor, local side-effects were looked for. About the worst side-effects that were looked for were vomiting (up to 12% of infants) and fever above 38ºC (up to 9% of infants). Where serious side-effects were mentioned, these were 3 cases out of a group of 124 in one trial (bowel obstruction, bronchitis/pneumonia and fever of 40ºC) and 5 out of 106 in another trial (but including some which happened up to a month after the injection and could be unrelated, including high fevers, seizures and pneumonia). The only larger safety study (of 2877 infants) recorded 5 sudden infant deaths in the meningitec group and 4 in that of another vaccine. [1] There is no evidence that the vaccines caused these, although if the UK average was used, we would only expect to see around 0.17 – 0.3 sudden infant deaths for this size of group. [2,3] In other words the risk of sudden infant death would be 30-times higher after receiving the vaccine. Whether this is a fair comparison or not is of course uncertain. The trial participants may, by chance, have had a higher proportion of other risk factors. The UK regulator’s “yellow card” scheme collected 14,000 reports relating to this type of vaccine over the last 15 years, including 37 deaths, but these cases are not confirmed to have been caused by the vaccine. A report can be submitted by anyone who thinks that a drug caused a side-effect. Meningitec Efficacy The UK medicines regulator, the MHRA, states in its public…

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