Manufacturer: GlaxoSmithKline Generic Name: Haemophilus influenzae type b and Meningococcal group C conjugate vaccine Menitorix Safety Menitorix was co-administered in various trials with other vaccines. The manufacturer says “There was no evidence that the reactions other than injection site reactions were related to Menitorix rather than the concomitant vaccine.” [1] I find this rather unhelpful. A proper placebo group did not exist and it appears that there is also no evidence that the side-effects were not caused by Menitorix. They simply don’t know, which is not surprising, if one co-administers other vaccines at the same time. The UK reporting system for adverse reactions recorded 244 reports for this type of vaccine over the last 8 years, with 4 deaths, including some from the diseases which the vaccine is meant to protect from. These numbers are very low and they do not prove that the vaccine was to blame for all or even any of the reported reactions. However, considering that vaccine adverse reactions are thought to be widely under-reported, it seems fair at least to mention those that did get reported. Certainly the now common practice of injecting different vaccines at the same time and then saying “there was no evidence it was our vaccine that cause the side-effects” points to a very worrying disregard for safety among vaccine manufacturers. Menitorix Efficacy Menitorix is a combined Men C and Hib vaccine and was tested for efficacy using immunogenicity trials. They compared antibody response in subjects receiving Menitorix with those from comparable vaccines to establish that Menitorix is non-inferior, i.e. at least as good as existing vaccines. They found that almost everyone had the looked-for antibody density but also, as with many vaccines, that this wore off quickly. After one year, there was “clear evidence of waning protection.” A booster given…

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